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Jena Forehand

Founder and Executive Director

From the time she was a young girl, Jena was taken by her parents to sing at the prisons. There, a love and compassion grew for the women in the correctional facilities. In 1998, God called she and her husband into full time family ministry, ministering to marriages, and women. Traveling all over the country for over 20 years, Jena has been enlightened to the various hardships women face today. In 2014, she established Living Deeper Ministries and began to write a discipleship series for women. She has now spent the last decade discipling women in the prison systems of Alabama.

While ministering in the correctional facilities, Jena began to notice that there was nothing that truly gave women the help they need, once they leave incarceration. She also noticed that many young women ended up in the prison system because they never got the help they truly needed.

In May 2015, determined to establish a program in which women would be forever transformed, Jena began connecting with various governmental leaders, within the Department of Corrections, serving on their stakeholder’s board. She also began studying and visiting other programs with similar goals in other states to learn best practices when helping women get a second chance in life.


Out of her studies and evaluations, Jena has developed The Deeper House, a Christian, educational, residential program for all at-risk women: formerly incarcerated, former substance abusers, and women who have found themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. While at The Deeper House, women will receive discipleship, life skills, any additional education needed, employment skills training, and job placement. On the campus that can house up to 50 women, the ladies learn to gradually live on their own, learning how to steward all of their resources in a God-honoring way. When all agree that it is time for the resident to be on their own, that woman will be launched into her new life as a contributing member of society.


Jena is very confident in her program, and believes that it will become a blueprint and model for other states to adopt. It is her intentions to help women find hope and healing, body, soul and spirit.  She is committed to providing excellent programs and services that allow women to recognize and begin to live in their God-given identity and reach their full potential as they fulfill God’s purposes for them.

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