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Mentoring residents at The Deeper House is one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have. This loving connection is so vital to the women and their success in the program. Our mentors will meet the ladies and get to know them prior to them becoming a resident in the house, and will support the new resident from initial transition, to graduation, and then, to aftercare. 

We call our mentorship The Sisterhood because "sister" means "someone who comes alongside you" and "hood" means "a covering". We believe that every woman needs someone who comes alongside her and covers her in prayer, encouragement and support as she transitions and transforms.

To be a mentor, women must go through our training program to become a certified life coach and to be eligible to mentor one of our residents. It is vitally important that all mentors are consistently coming alongside the residents and coaching them in the same way that they are experiencing in other areas of training at The Deeper House. Consistency is key.

The ultimate goal of each resident is for them to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose. As a mentor, you get the privilege to be a part of and watch a life become transformed into all God created them to be. What a gift!

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