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Volunteer Opportunities

The opportunities to volunteer are filled with endless possibilities!

Here are a few ways you can join us:

Resident Sponsor

You, your family or your friendship group can sponsor a resident by decorating her room, celebrating her, visiting her, praying for her, paying for her initial needs, and first year in the program!

Workplace Readiness

Residents will need to prepare for job interviews, write resumes, develop the character necessary for employment, how to honor God in the  workforce, and how to work on a team. 

Relationship Skills

Residents will need to learn how to start, build, and maintain relationships, as well as how to reconcile and restore broken relationships with family, friends, and in dating, as well as understanding forgiveness.

Financial Literacy

Residents will need to learn about creating a budget, paying bills, stewardship, taxes, and more, to prepare them to leave The Deeper House and be on their own financially.


Educators can help tutor the residents to ready them for  their GED examination or other tests that might be necessary for them going to college or learning a trade.

Personal Wellness

Residents will need to learn how to take care of themselves holistically: body (nutrition, exercise, dress, hygiene) soul (right thinking, managing emotions, self-control), and spirit (a deeper fellowship and relationship with God)


Want to join us and be a part of changing someone's life forever?

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