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The Deeper House will serve well-vetted women who are transitioning out of prison.

We are committed to providing excellent programs and services that allow women

to recognize and begin to live in their God-given identity and reach their full potential

as they fulfill God’s purposes for them.



There will be a thorough entrance criteria for those who are approved for resident status at the Deeper House. A relationship will be established prior to becoming a resident with a mentor and the potential resident. This is a VOLUNTARY program, meaning the woman must volunteer to come; no one can force her to come. We cannot be all things to all people and have to make decisions based on the needs of the individual applicant, as well as the needs of the other residents that will be in the House with the applicant. Top 3 assessment goals are: level of commitment and desire for the program, stability to determine if we are able to care for their needs, and ability to manage themselves independently in a residential setting.


The programs implemented while the residents reside at the Deeper House will be custom designed to their individual needs, based on a prayerful and thorough assessment. The time for each resident may vary, but the goal would is to have women reside at the Deeper House for 12-18 months.

During their stay, they will experience a wholistic approach in the programs and activities offered. These will include but are not limited to education, exercise, proper nutrition, skill development, creating a resume, coaching for job interview, life skills, establishing employment, and more. By the time a woman leaves The Deeper House, we want her to have a self-sustaining job, so that she can provide for herself responsibly. The ultimate goal for every resident is to realize their full potential in fulfilling the purposes for which they were created by God.



It is important that we have a transitional care team in place to provide support and encouragement for the graduates from our home. The 3 things this team will ensure is that the residents have a plan of where they are going to live, a job, a healthy community, and an accountability partner. They also will be well-prepared for what they will experience when they leave the House, so they have a better chance of overcoming as they are made aware of the pitfalls that lie ahead.

Graduates are immediately enrolled in our Ambassador Program which gives them opportunity to share their real-life story of what God has done in their lives. We want free people to help free people, by sharing their word of testimony. Those who graduate are also given membership to a private Aftercare Facebook page with devotionals, prayers, and encouragement,

as well as to keep them connected with all things Deeper.

Graduates will remain connected to their mentor for at least a year, but mentors would be pleased if all graduates were lifelong partners with The Deeper House in some way, in an effort to give back what was given to them. 

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